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Dangreville Spreaders

DANGREVILLE offers you a complete range of spreaders with vertical augers and spreading tables,
with narrow box or vertical augers, for spreading organic matter.

Our team offers you customization of your spreader according to your use.

We offer you a wide choice of options and equipment to bring you
maximum spreading versatility:

– Inversion of the chain belt

– Automatic lubrication unit

– Hydraulics : independent power unit, Load Sensing operation

– Precision : DPAE, ISOBUS, static or dynamic weighing

– Pneumatic braking and approval for 40 km/h…

– Vertical augers with mechanical hood, integrated hydraulic hood for compost and dung

– Spreading table

– Guillotine door

– Mechanical or hydraulic edge flap, on the right or on the left

Epandeur SVL

Vertical auger spreaders

Our spreaders are designed to simplify maintenance thanks to centralized lubrication points on a bar, the quick dismantling of the spike tooth roller frame, easy replacement of the bars, etc.

Narrow trailer body spreaders until 20 m³ or wide trailer body spreaders, 2 or 3 axles, vertical augers. Optional : edge flap, hood for compost, guillotine door, etc.


Spreaders with spreading table

Narrow trailer body spreaders until 20 m³ or wide trailer body spreaders, 2 or 3 axles, spreading table.

Optional : static weighing, dynanmic weighing, ISOBUS, etc.

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VITI-ONE range of vineyard spreaders and ARBO-ONE range of tree spreaders

DANGREVILLE also offers a range of spreaders specially designed for vineyards VITI-ONE and a range of spreaders dedicated to arboriculture production ARBO-ONE to enable you to spread organic matter directly on the row.

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